Monday, March 28, 2011

Acrylic paper mache tile - Focus 52


This is a 6 1/2 X 5 1/2 paper mache tile that I made from acrylic paints piece I created a few weeks back. I have yet to add the varnish as I've learned it causes photographs to be too glossy. This is for sale on my Etsy site for $14.50 (plus shipping).
Materials used:
painting: acrylic paint, newsprint
paper mache tile: newspaper, hot water, glue
mod podge was used to adhere painting to tile


hootnonny said...

This is so cool! Bet you were dirty as a pig when it was completed!

The Barking Pig said...

thank you! The paint part wasn't messy, but the paper mache part was! It was a lot of fun though.

Tug said...

Did my comment go through?


I love this. Love the colors, the depth it shows, awesome!

The Barking Pig said...

thanks, Cris! I'm gonna try & take another pic of this one outside. I got a foam board to help w/the background. Hopefully, I can use it w/other things I make, too :)

Barbara said...

Beautiful! Looks like a Monet!

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