Monday, April 11, 2011

Everything but yellow

A new technique I learned, it's just called "plastic wrap" though. hahaha It really is in a book I got that has a lot of interesting techniques. The book is Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner; it's the most common sense art book I've bought to date. Anyways, the blue/green colors in the background are from my 1st attempt at another of her techniques "alcohol dissolve" which didn't work for me, I think the paint dried too quickly & it still has to be wet. (even though I did the alcohol dissolve part right after I painted it) One thing I've learned, if you do something & it doesn't work, don't throw it away, use it for another project... which is exactly what I did with this!
This particular project just focuses on the pink part on top. You paint the background & let it dry. Then, you mix Acrylic glazing liquid with acrylic paint. Use either a 4:1 ratio, or something like that; lesser the ratio, stronger the paint that comes thru. The one I tried to use (just by eye, no measuring) was 4:1. So once you mix the paint & glaze, you apply it to the background. Immediately tear off a big piece of plastic wrap & crinkle it up, then unwrap it & apply it to paint & press down. Let it sit for awhile, I think I let this sit for 45 mins or so, don't let it dry all the way. Then you simply remove it & you're done! It's fun, easy & it looks pretty cool.
I'm going to apply another technique I'm trying on top of this & we'll see... maybe that'll be my project for next week!  :)

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Tug said...

I love how you're doing new techniques all the time! This is pretty...calming. I love it!

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