Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Technique


One of the techniques taught in Acrylic Revolution (which I can't recommend enough for those that enjoy working with acrylics) is creating multi-layered effects. You cover an entire painting with soft gel (gloss), then paint on top of it. It's supposed to give the piece a 3-D look (my words, not the authors). I used an old painting to test this on and it was a LOT of fun & very relaxing.
I don't care for how the entire area (that I put treatment on) is glossy. I've bought some more soft gel, but this time I purchased matte, not glossy. I must say however, I do intend on trying the glossy again on a painting I'll do with flowers, that should be pretty; photographing it, on the other hand, won't be so fun. (p.s. Sorry about the glare. I tried to get rid of it, I really did) And granted, this piece could look really nice if I had put the soft gel on all the water area. That's the good thing about experimenting on a painting that would've otherwise would have been trashed.
One problem I'm foreseeing is that while you're painting on the gel, you can't see the background. So if you want to add flowers to an area that has leaves, you won't know exactly where the leaves are. I suppose you could do small sections at a time.


Tug said...

NICE! So the white turns clear, or did you have to wipe it/do something else to it?

The Barking Pig said...

No, you just let it set until it's completely dry. You know it's dry when it's clear & hard.

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