Monday, March 21, 2011

My Barking Pig - Focus52

I did have an art project made for this week, but Jim wasn't able to put the brackets in it, so it remains undone. Being that it's Sunday evening (Monday morning, really) and I was without anything, I had to innovate & do something I've extremely uncomfortable doing ~ take a picture for the sake of taking a pigture! There are few things that can get me out of my own skin when I'm feeling uncomfortable and they are things I love so dearly that the love overcomes the sense of vulnerability I feel.

One of those sources is my pig, Trixi. Trixi is the namesake of my blog, The Barking Pig, because when she runs, she really does bark! Anyways, here she is doing what she does best - sleep. Like me, she's a power-sleeper. She sleeps in our bedroom since we moved from out 650 sq. ft. condo to our 2050 sq. ft. house. We thought she'd sleep in the living room like she used to, she didn't like that idea & as you can imagine, she can be rather pig-headed when she wants to be.

She sleeps with 3 blankets and 3 pillows. I wanted to get as close as I could & still show the blanket because the blanket has GREEN in it, so it fits in with this week's theme for Focus52. Can you see the hair on her nose? Are you able to see how crooked her teeth are? If she were a human, she'd cost a fortune in orthodontist bills! She's actually growing her 3rd set of bottom teeth. Why? I have no idea, I just hope they're straighter. I'm surprised she didn't wake up while I was snapping pigtures, she just laid there like a good sport.

The theme for our Focus52 group this week was "green", so here is my piggy under her plaid green blanket, undoubtedly dreaming of some sort of food. And "green" also fits because I'm so green at taking photos. Can't lose when I take a pigture of my barking pig though.


Tug said...

I love this! She looks so happy, and the way the blanket is draped she looks a little shy. LOL

The Barking Pig said...

Cris, she's a funny character. She's more likely to growl & lunge at someone if she's disturbed during her beauty sleep. (although the lunge would be a fake-out) Still, she's a grouch! But, she's my adorable grouch. LOL

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